The Art of Conscious Living

Tantra Sessions

  • For individuals or couples

  • Returning to pleasure and bliss - learning your body & what turns you on

  • Sexual Empowerment through education and embodiment practices.

  • The Art of Conscious Loving Expanding your relationship with yourself and your Beloved.

  • Healing and Emotional Release from trauma associated with abuse, rape, loss, heartbreak.

Tantra Immersion

  • For individuals, couples or small groups

  • From 24 hours to a week long: immersive experiences into the world of your body, pleasure, bliss, relationship and healing.

  • A combination of all offerings nurturing your mind body and soul, you return to the world with more energy, love, confidence and ease

  • Leave not just recharged for the next few days, but recharged for life with an understanding of true nourishment and how to apply it to your daily life


  • Learn tools and practices that increase communication, intimacy and pleasure.

  • Discover and dismantle patterns and beliefs that are holding you back, AND create and cultivate new beliefs that support your continued growth and having all that you want in this life

  • Shift from "why is this happening TO me" perspective to a "why is this happening For me" perspective

  • Navigate the dark terrain of Healing with a responsible, practiced, loving coach who will tell you the truth so you can experience freedom.


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