Get to Know Dana

Dana is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator and Relationship & Intimacy Coach with over 20 years experience in the Healing Arts including transformational body work, Reiki, and Aromatherapy. She is currently studying NLP and timeline hypnotherapy.  

Dana has long been a source of healing and empowerment with her friends and family.  By simply being in her presence your body will begin to relax and restore to a more forgiving pace.  Dana has a life time of experience using her intuition to guide her and has sharpened her intuition with her own steady practice of healing and stretching for further growth and understanding of herself and relationships.  

Dana is passionate about educating, supporting and empowering individuals and couples to live turned on lives; lives guided by desire, curiosity & pleasure.  Vulnerable, whole hearted lives where you feel each moment and expand to your full potential.  

Along her own journey she has healed emotional, physical and sexual trauma finding ever more of her own power to use in her life.  Healing is the art of facing our pain, shame and trauma and loving it back to health and vitality.  Dana has not only been willing to seek this out and learn how to do it for herself, she has sought to bring every and any bit of wisdom gained to those around her both personally and professionally.  She is passionate about supporting people ready to wake up to a more connected, full, alive life to have the knowledge, skill and technique they need to have it.

Dana has given herself to mastering many modalities that you might have the best chance of finding the key that unlocks the door you’ve been wanting to walk through for a long time now.  Having faced her own darkness and found her way out, Dana is especially equipped to be your guide as you take on Healing with Love.  By nature, her gift is unconditional love, she has an enveloping presence that not only puts you at ease but allows you to heal the darkest parts of your being so that your soul, your heart and your purpose shines through.


(512) 658-4796

Austin, TX, USA

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